Vilnius, June 13th -94

Då och då skriver Karin brev till sina icke svenskspråkiga vänner och berättar om livet i Vilnius. De är också varmt välkomna att hälsa på.

Vilnius, June 13th -94

Dear friends,

Now another issue of Lithuania in the World has come. This time it is of special interest for Swedes and hopefully even for you as fans of Sweden. Our popular ambassador, Lars Magnusson,(whose brother Tord M. is a wellknown person because he is married to the Kings youngest sister) is interviewed by a young American who often visits us in the Scandinavian department. Maybe there are more articles of interest for you, about Lithuanian art for ex.

Only one week is left of this schoolyear in Vilnius. We have the last exams June 20th, and the day after I’m going home to Sweden, through Poland for the first time. Per and•Elinor are coming here from Stockholm with my new car they have bought for me, because my old SAAB has broken down. We •will have a busy weekend together with my boss’ birthday-party, visiting interesting places and buying presents and souvenirs among other things. Wonderful to have them here and on the trip home.

Even next year I will be teaching at Vilnius university. The job is so fascinating and rewarding, the students and collegues so wonderful that I can’t leave them! So there is still a chance for you to come and visit me here. I’m dreaming of that!

All my best wishes!

Love from