April 14th, 2002 in English

Soon time to leave Kaliningrad!

Kaliningrad, April 14, 2002

In the window behind my desk, where I’m sitting right now, I can see an important English Queen with two smaller figures on each side. That’s the wonderful X-mas gift You sent me, four months ago! As usual I have to apologize for my delay of answering Your letters and thank You for Your presents! Some years ago I got from You a small textile doll with equipment for sewing, which I appreciate very much, often use on travels and every time thinking of You, Shirley!

Maybe the reason this time for my silence is that so many things happened after X-mas this year. Ill try to tell You about some of them.

I spent X-mas in Marit’s home, also with Björn, Kia and son Movitz. My eldest brother Börje, 85, fell ill, visiting his son for X-mas, so seriously, that we went to see him in Nyköping hospital. He was in good mood, in spite of bad condition, so we had a nice talk together, the very last one!

The second week in January we (Björn with family and Per with wife and two daughters, eight persons in all ) made a trip to La Gomera, one of the smallest Canary Islands to celebrate my 70th birthday. That was a great experience for all of us, swimming in high waves, playing in black sand, walking in a rain forest (world heritage) and having good Spanish meals in nice restaurants.

After one week back in Sweden, up in Östersund where I bought a small flat, very well situated on first floor with trees and wild flowers outside the balcony, only a few blocks from our old home in Eriksbergsvägen, if You remember the place. I started to furnish it with all my belongings which poor Björn and Kia had taken care of during all these years, from 1991 till now. They have a three-rooms flat, but are looking for a villa, as they will get a baby now in April.

I have at last decided to stop working abroad fom the end of this term. Kaliningrad has been a tough experience, though I have loved the job with nice students, have a nice modern flat, but beeing alone Swede here, without any friends as I had in Vilnius, has made me feel very alone. The best time has been when some friends from Sweden have visited me, specially my brother Börje, who stayed for a whole month at three different times. We got on very well together, made interesting excursions, went to Vilnius several times. So now I miss him immensely. He passed away February 10, so I stayed at home over the funeral. All my children came to the funeral, even Mats, whom we meet very seldom nowadays. The enclosed photo is from that occasion.

The other photo is from last sumrner at the summerhouse of Per’s parents-in-law outside Stockholm. On the west-coast we are still enlarging our summerhouse, now with a separate guesthouse. So You just tell us when You are coming, to Göteborg or Oslo, where we’ll pick You up and show You one of the world’s many paradises!

All the best to You, Shirley, Bob and Hal, and thanks again for Your lovely X-mas present!

Karin in Kaliningrad (only till June 1st)